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This is one of the paintings that I did in my sons daycare.

This piece of stained glass was made for a friend as a christmas   present for his wife.

This quit was made for my friends at Hero Tattoo in South Carolina. They currently have it hanging in their studio.

This tattoo was done on a very good friend of mine after  her daughter Lilly was born.

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   My name is Amber, I am A mother of two boys.
I love all forms of art and never hesitate to try something new when I find something that looks interesting. 

   I love to use buttons in as many projects as possible, for Christmas this year my mother actually bought me a huge box of buttons. That is also another thing that I am always on the lookout for, currently I have multiple jars around the house that a full of unique buttons
   I am also a proud gun owner, this is one of my favorite hobbies and another thing that my husband and I enjoy doing together. I have also gotten my family to come out with us a few times, one of my sisters actually spent a good part of her 21st birthday with me at the shooting range. 

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Amber Wilson



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